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Buyer & Seller Inspections

When buying a home, you need to know the condition of the property you are investing in.

I provide reports that are easy to read and understand. This helps you to get a better idea of the true value of your investment.

A simple process at a fair cost
Most home inspections take an average of 2 hours and the cost is based on size and age. Other considerations that influence the cost are a pool and/or spa, crawlspace and older homes.

After the inspection is completed a report is e-mailed to you. Along with that report, I include a home maintenance recommendation sheet that lists items that need to be taken care of regularly.

A safe home is a happy home
Safety upgrades are also another important item that may appear on the report, especially with older homes. It is highly recommended that the client(s) be present, if possible, during the inspection process so they can see firsthand the type, severity and location of any defects of the various systems and components of the home.